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There are very many kinds of scholarships. Some scholarships will cover all the tuition fees (money that the student needs to pay to study), others may just help towards the tuition fees. Some scholarships may include money for other things such as food and accommodation

Sometimes the students are expected to do something in return for having a scholarship. They may, for example, be expected to do some particular work after they finish their studies, or they may need to help the institution in some way. Quite often the amount of money a student gets will depend on how much money the family has.

Scholarships can be in form of

- Assistantship
- Fellowship
- Internship
- Financial Aids

Undergraduate Scholarships

Studies towards a first degree after leaving secondary education (Usually schooling for children between the ages of eleven and eighteen.). Undergraduates is the name given to students who are studying for their first degree.

Graduate Scholarships

The level of university degree beyond the undergraduate degree. Graduate degrees include master (MA, MBA, MEd, MSc) and doctoral (PhD) level degrees.

Postgraduate Scholarships

These degrees, usually called doctoral degrees are awarded for a particular course of study beyond the master's degree. Doctoral degrees may be practical, professional degrees, such as the Doctor of Ministry, which prepare a person for church ministry. Or, they may be academic degrees, such as the Doctor of Philosophy, which prepare a person to minister in a teaching or research field.

Postdoctoral Scholarships
This category includes scholarship items for postdoctoral level.

General Scholarships
This term is used to group or categorize scholarship items which originally do not have any information on the degree of education from the provider.